Eli was diagnosed with a solitary fibrous tumor in May 2013. Initially, the doctors said they could not operate on the tumor because of its placement but in August that year they decided they would try. Eli’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Blount, was able to remove about 97 percent of the tumor. Even though the tumor was removed the effects of the tumor were not. He was in and out of the hospital and underwent several different surgeries including port and shunt placements. Eli’s biggest obstacle were his sodium issues. His sodium would not stay at a constant level and could cause him to have seizures, high fevers and/or headaches. In September 2015 Eli had two separate surgeries for his shunt and then was readmitted to Children’s of Alabama for high sodium in late September. On October 4th, the high sodium levels caused a seizure which resulted in brain swelling.
On October 5, 2015 Eli passed into the loving arms of Jesus. While his life was not as long as any of us would have liked he brighten our lives in those three years more than we could have imagined. He was a happy baby and brought a smile to everyone he came in contact with regardless of how he felt.